Sight Word of the Day Color Calendar — 1st Grade


Learning sight words should never be dull… let’s make it colorful! Color a 1st grade-level sight word every day this year.


  • 366 sight word cards (January-December) to color
  • 1st grade-level Dolch sight words (41 words) that repeat about 9 times each

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RoShamBo Homeschooling sight word of the day color calendar for 1st grade

There’s a good reason for all the adult coloring books. Even when we’re all grown up, we still can’t get enough of coloring! And when you’re learning something new like sight words? Coloring makes it so much more fun!

This Sight Word of the Day Color Calendar spans the whole year… from January 1st to December 31st (and works for leap years too!). There are 41 Dolch sight words recommended for 1st graders. This calendar repeats just this list of 1st grade sight words, so it won’t matter if you start the calendar on January 1st or September 5th or March 12th or whenever! And if your kiddo masters the set after only 6 months? Hooray! You can just move right on to the next set without needing to wait until a special day to reset.

RoShamBo Homeschooling sight word of the day color calendar for 1st grade sample


Each sight word card takes up 1/4 of a page and includes cute little seasonal graphics your child can color in along with the lettering to the date and the actual sight word. And, hey, if you’re still practicing naming the months of the year and the seasons, this is a great way to reinforce that information!

(Don’t forget to check out my Circle Time Boards for teaching calendars, days of the week, months of the year, weather, emotions, and more. I have one in both Spanish and English, and one that’s just in English.)

Ways to Display

There are a few different ways you could use these Sight Word of the Day Color Calendar Cards with your kiddo. The most important thing is make sure that you do the activity early in the day so that the colored sight word card can be displayed for as long as possible!

As part of your circle time/morning activities, you could introduce the new sight word, use it in a few sentences, and give your child a chance to color the card before hanging it on your fridge or circle time board.

If your child prefers to color in longer sessions and would have a hard time coloring one card and then switching to another activity (definitely my son), you could have your child color all of the cards for the month in advance, laminate them, cut them, and post them one by one. This would give you a chance to spend time talking about the word (while still displaying your child’s beautiful art work!) without requiring such a quick transition between activities.


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