Beginning Sounds Bingo

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RoShamBo Homeschooling printable preschool and kindergarten game set beginning sounds bingo

Looking for a new way to practice beginning sounds with your preschooler or kindergartner? This Beginning Sounds Bingo game makes learning how to sound out words and get ready for reading fun!

• 24 different bingo game boards
• 52 ABC picture cards
• 33 pages total

How to Play:

1. Print the game boards and laminate them for durability.
2. Print the word cards, laminate them, and cut them into individual squares.
3. I like to print games like this that will be used again and again on cardstock so that they’re even stronger and have the thickness of a playing card from a real game.
4. Pass out the game boards. They’re all different, so you can have the whole family play!
5. Put the word cards in a pile, draw a card, and have your child figure out what the beginning sound is (for multiple children, they can take turns or work together). Once they figure it out, everyone with that beginning sound on their game board can mark it off! We use plastic counters to mark off the letters so that I don’t have to reprint/relaminate after each use.

For more ideas on teaching beginning sounds, check out this article.

Get the full game here!

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