Spanish Pronunciation Posters

The perfect set of posters to hang in your Spanish classroom to help students remember how to pronounce the trickiest letters and letter combinations! Each Spanish pronunciation poster includes a corresponding English word with the same sound to reinforce students’ memory.

Includes posters on:

-Tricky consonants (H, J, Ñ, R, V, and Z)
-Letter combos (LL, CH, RR, CE/CI, and GE/GI)
-QUE, QUI, and Ü
-Rules for where to place the stress in a word with or without an accent mark

How They Work

Each letter or letter combination has a corresponding English word that contains the same sound as the correct pronunciation in Spanish. There’s also a picture of the word in English and a sample sentence. This helps students associate the Spanish letter with a word that’s already familiar to them!

Finally, there’s a sample Spanish word for each letter or letter combination so that students can practice their new skills.

For example…

  • On the Vowels poster, A is written phonetically as ah.
  • There is a drawing of a father.
  • Followed by a sample sentence: “My father gives the best hugs.” (Yes, the correct sound is underlined in all of the sample sentences AND in the sample Spanish words so that students know just where to look!)
  • And finally… a Spanish word to practice. ¡Adiós! Ad

Some of the letter combinations don’t exist in English exactly as they’re meant to sound in Spanish. For these, I have the closest word possible for the sake of memory, plus a brief note with tips on how students can slightly modify the word to easily get that those tricky pronunciations down!

*This is a digital resource. A physical item will not be shipped.

These Spanish pronunciation posters would be perfect for hanging in your homeschool space as helpful reminders for students learning Spanish. You could also include them in a binder for regular review and practice.

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