Free Printable: Social Justice Classroom Poster

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How old were you when you first had a teacher talk to you about social justice and feminism? And I mean in a real way, about the oppression faced today, not reciting brief excerpts about how Lincoln “saved the slaves” or the U.S. “rescued the Jews from concentration camps.”

I truly believe our kids can change the world. Step one is raising them to be socially conscious, empathetic, non-conforming, critically thinking little humans. I believe in my son’s capacity for love and social justice! (Even as a toddler!)

This free printable includes the full size version of this social justice poster. It’s perfect for printing on cardstock or glossy photo paper and hanging in your homeschool space. I think some days we can all use a reminder of how to use our homeschool power for good. Learning about social justice is just as important as any other subject!

Looking for resources on teaching social justice to your kids? Check out this book list for teachers and parents on how to teach about social justice.

Looking for wonderful children’s books on social justice that will help your children feel empowered and inspired to create change. Find the book list for children here.

RoShamBo Homeschooling free printable classroom poster with social justice sayings

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