Pet Care Match Up Game

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RoShamBo Homeschooling printable pet care match up game

Learning how to take care of pets is a perfect way to teach young children responsibility and empathy! This matching games helps kids learn what 8 different pets need us to do to take care of them.

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We just got a cat, and my son LOVES taking care of her. He’s so fascinated with everything we have to do to make sure this new little friend stays happy.

I came up with this Pet Care Match Up Game so that kiddos can learn how to be amazing little animal lovers. It’s important to learn how to take care of the pets we have, but kids should also learn how to take care of the animals their friends and family might have as pets!

RoShamBo Homeschooling printable pet care match up game

Pet Care Match Up Game

This printable game includes:

  • 8 Pet Pages
  • 48 Pet Care Cards (6 for each pet)

It covers how to take care of a:

  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Fish
  • Hamster
  • Horse
  • Bird
  • Rabbit
  • Turtle

Taking care of pets is important skill, both for Practical Life and for social and emotional learning!

This game is for children in preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school but is simple enough for a 2-year-old to play as well! Encourage critical thinking and vocabulary development by explaining each item thoroughly to your child. How it’s used, what it’s for, WHY we have to do each aspect of pet care.

Consider having discussions about things like:

  • Why do we keep a pet’s cage closed? What would happen if we accidentally left it open? Is it okay to open it sometimes with a parent’s supervision?
  • Where do different animals go to the bathroom? Why? How does it get cleaned up? Why do fish tanks get so dirty?
  • How are a horse’s feet different than the feet of a cat or a dog?
  • What’s in each pet’s food? Can pets eat people food? Can people eat pet food?
  • Why shouldn’t we tap the glass on a fish tank?
  • What happens if you feed a pet too much?
  • How do different animals exercise?
  • Which animals get scared easily if we’re too loud?
  • Why do turtles need heat lamps? Why do they need land to climb on AND water to swim in?

How to Play

1. Laminate every page for durability. If you want the cards and game boards to be extra strong, you can print on cardstock.

2. The Pet Pages are the pages with the pet names on top. Do NOT cut these pages. Leave them as is.

3. Cut the pages that have multiple boxes into individual Pet Care Cards.

4. There are 6 Pet Care Cards that correspond to each Pet Page. Show your child how to place them on top of each page like stickers, or use Velcro Dots to attach them so your child knows how many belong on each page.

Want to see what it looks like all set up? Check out the video for my Safety Skills Match Up Game with the same format.


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