Creative Ways to Use Reuse that Pack ‘n Play with Your Older Kids: Part 3

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RoShamBo Homeschooling activity using Pack 'n Play as blanket fort
“Are you coming, mama?”

My son has been too big to sleep in the Pack ‘n Play for some time, but we hold onto it for relatives with babies who come stay with us. I like to come up with fun new games to play with it so it’s not just taking up space!

Who doesn’t love a blanket fort? While the classic version with chairs is always fun too, I like using the Pack ‘n Play because it can’t get knocked over if little ones want to be a little bit rough running in and out (we definitely don’t want any kiddos getting hands and feet smashed by chairs that fall on them!), and it’s the perfect compact size where if my son is obsessed with it, I don’t mind shoving it into a corner of my living room and letting him keep it up for the week.

We do so many different activities in the fort. Once my son has gotten over the initial rush of excitement, I love using it as a way to relax with him and teach him some self-soothing and care-taking techniques. We rock stuffed animals to sleep and sing to them. It’s amazing how I can feel both of our hearts slowing and relaxing while we take care of our stuffies. It’s so calming for both of us.

I also love using it for imaginative play. I have a blanket with an abstract pattern on it that we often use, and we pretend we’re looking up at the stars. He tells me things about the moon, and we say things like, “Wow, that star is so bright tonight! It’s beautiful!” This one is also really relaxing and a great way to play pretend!

What are your favorite things to do with your kiddos in a fort? What kinds of games do they come up with?

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