All About Fall Food Theme Pack

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Summer snacks bring fall comfort food! Teach your elementary school student all about FALL FOOD with this fun theme pack!


  • In season produce sorting game with fall foods
  • 2 fall food classroom posters
  • Fall food menu
  • Food group sorting worksheet that can be reused again and again

One of my favorite things about homeschooling is I can choose to make my son’s curriculum completely well rounded. It’s really important to me that I include lessons on practical life skills every year. And learning about healthy eating habits and seasonal produce is certainly on my list of essential life skills!

This Fall Food Theme Pack is perfect for elementary school students but could also be used with a preschool or kindergarten student with some extra help reading and writing.

What’s Included

It includes two classroom posters. The first shows fall food groups, and the second covers the distinctions between different types of food. What IS the difference between a fruit and a vegetable? Who even knows what a legume is? Grains are a type of grass? You mean my Cheerios come from grass!? Food science is so much fun for little kids!

The theme pack also includes a fall food menu with in season meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and beverages. Let your kiddo help you out with meal planning all while learning about what produce is in season this time of year!

RoShamBo Homeschooling all about fall food theme pack sample

While your cooking a meal from the Fall Food Menu (or something else), your child can learn about the different food groups by sorting the ingredients into categories with this worksheet. I recommend laminating it or using a dry erase pocket so that you can reuse it for multiple meals. You can have your kiddo sort the ingredients directly from the recipe book to practice reading or as you pull items out so they get more involved in the cooking process!

Finally, this Fall Food theme pack includes an in season produce sorting game! Cut out these square cards of produce that are in season this fall and sort them into the included pages marked for fruits and vegetables. And don’t worry… I included an answer key! Some of them are a little bit tricky. (I’m looking at you, cucumber!)


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