Japanese Number Classroom Posters 0-100

This printable includes 10 posters of Japanese numbers counting from 0 to 100. Each Japanese number poster has 10 numbers on it. The Japanese is written out phonetically so that it’s easier for parents to pronounce if you’re learning alongside your children.

You can cut the Japanese number cards into individual flashcards, or use them as a full sheet like a mini classroom poster. Either way I recommend laminating them for durability.

I recommend teaching each sheet as a separate batch rather than introducing all the numbers at once, especially if your kiddo is still working on counting to 100 in English. These also have the added bonus of reinforcing number recognition in English!

Children absorb new languages most easily when they’re young, and the younger you can start, the better! A bilingual classroom can help your child learn a new language so much faster than if they start when they’re older. All the evidence shows that childhood is actually the ideal time to learn two languages!


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