Circle Time Board: Japanese & English

It’s time to get your homeschool classroom organized! This printable Circle Time Board in both Japanese and English is the perfect way to start each morning with your homeschool kiddos.

Learn how to read a calendar, the days of the week, months of the year, weather, emotions, seasons, numbers, and more.

Start learning a second language with your family while your children are young! A bilingual classroom at a young age can help your child learn a language much faster than if you start when they are older.

Note: This listing is for the Japanese & English version! The board my family uses is in both Spanish and English (also available in my store!). Some of the photos on here are in Spanish, but the file linked to this listing is the same style Circle Time Board with Japanese and English.

Let’s make learning every morning with our kids fun! This circle time board is the perfect resource for elementary school classrooms and homeschool classrooms.

All of these pieces are designed to fit on a 36″ x 48″ trifold board. I bought a foam trifold board instead of cardboard so that it would hold up with all my son’s poking while reading it!

This works perfectly for small spaces because you can just fold it and tuck it away in between uses!

Includes (all in both Japanese and English):

  • Days of the week with flags for ‘Yesterday was’, ‘Today is’, and ‘Tomorrow will be’
  • A thermometer with the temperature (hot, warm, cool, cold) and a flag for ‘How is the weather today?”
  • The weather is… (sunny, cloudy, rainy, windy, stormy, snowy)
  • A large center calendar with moving number cards and moving month banners
  • How to put the date in a full sentence with moving day of the week, date, and month pieces (Today is Sunday the 9th of August).
  • Today I feel… emotions/feelings box (tired, excited, happy, sad, mad, worried, embarrassed, confused, silly, relaxed). This is perfect for teaching social and emotional learning!
  • Months of the year in order (non-moving) so kids can read them in order
  • The season is…

Also available in Spanish and English & in English only!


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