Jack-o-Lantern Emojis


Teach your little ones to name and identify their emotions with this cute Halloween-themed activity!


  • 9 pumpkin background options
  • 12 Jack-o-Lantern emojis that fit on the pumpkins

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Product description

RoShamBo Homeschooling printable jack-o-lantern emojis for naming and identifying emotions on a pumpkin

My son and I do just as much social and emotional learning as any other “core” class. We call it our Love class. He’s becoming quite the little pro at talking about his feelings! It’s amazing now that we’ve been doing this for awhile when his profound statements will just come at me out of nowhere. (Well… not out of nowhere, but it still feels like it!)

A few weeks ago he was playing with a board game when I had to put him down for a nap. He asked me if he could finish playing with the game after he woke up. When he was sleeping, I completely forgot that I had promised not to move his game. I just moved it out of habit so I could vacuum later. But, of course, he remembered. When he came downstairs, he was devastated.

But he didn’t throw a tantrum.

Instead, he announced, “Mommy, I’m very sad and grumpy at you that you cleaned up my game. You promised you wouldn’t. Why did you do that?”

So mature!

And then we had a great conversation about keeping promises and managing negative emotions!

Jack-o-Lantern Emoji Activity

For this Halloween printable activity, you print out a blank pumpkin and 12 different Jack-o-Lantern emotions for your child to choose from each day.

For the blank pumpkin, there are 9 different options—8 with colorful Halloween and fall themed backgrounds and 1 with a plain white background for saving ink or toner. The 12 Jack-o-Lantern emotion pages are labeled with each emotion. If you have multiple children, you can print out a different pumpkin background for each child so that they can each talk about their own emotion every day!

Once you cut out each Jack-o-Lantern face, it will be tricky to remember which eyes, nose, and mouth go together to make each face! I recommend putting each face in an individually labeled envelope, as well as writing the name of the emotion on the back of each element just in case one piece is separated. If your child is too young to read the NAMES of the emotions on the envelopes, you can also include small PHOTOS of each emotion on the envelopes for them to choose from.

To attach the pieces to the pumpkin, we use double sided tape. Both our pumpkin and our emoji pieces are laminated so they peel off easily from day to day (and can be re-used next year!).


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